Things To Do When You’re STONED

Things To Do When STONED
  1. Watch films, some of my favourites are Lord of the Rings (all 3 are great). I smoked a nice strong weed joint or two before seeing both The Two Towers and The Return of the King, and after a while, I felt like I was living in their world, smoking their halfling weed xD, completely absorbed. Stuff that makes you think openly is good too, which you do already in a big way when you’re stoned, such as Vanilla Sky (great film, watch it if you have the chance), and classic films made for stoners, such as How High and Half-Baked.

2. Have a munchie feast. All of a sudden, food will seem like the single most important thing you can think of when you’re stoned, and you will likely get a craving for junk foods and sweet stuff (they taste so, so nice when you’re completely blazed). Go to the local supermarket before a stoner party and pick up all sorts of sweet and crunchy stuff. Pick up all sorts of snacks and sweet stuff. It will be worth it later when you have an overpowering need to munch everything in the house.

3. Look at yourself in the mirror in partial light (with the bathroom light off and the door open a crack, for example) when you’re completely stoned out of it (one of those things not quite so much fun sober :P). Stare at yourself for a while, and your perception will keep altering. Sometimes you can really trip out when you’re stoned, it feels like there’s someone else staring back at you. OK, I suppose I was really, really fucked when I did that.

4. One thing you just can’t beat though is getting stoned while you’re out clubbing. We used to toke up outside and inside clubs, not many people (even some cops when we’re out on the street) give a shit here, its great for nights out. The music sounds better, and you get into dancing more, really giving it some if a banging track comes on when you’ve just come from blazing up outside. The best is Hip-Hop / Rap or dance music (house, hard trance, trance, hardcore). Alcohol, spliffs and showing off your moves on the dance floor have made a shitload of good nights for me and friends. Especially when we stay up all night and spend the whole morning, afternoon and next night toking up constantly, so mashed we’ll laugh at anything.

5. Computer and video games are great stoned activities too. When you first start playing and smoking, start with something simple (simple is also best whenever you’re extremely stoned), or otherwise you’ll likely give up, if you’re playing a tough strategy game like Warcraft , for example. Games seem a lot more fun, and even playing alone can be good when you’re stoned, you can get totally absorbed and really enjoy it, and even a game you were bored of or didn’t like can seem spectacular after a few spliffs. Some of the best I like playing are fighting games with friends, Soul Calibur 2 and the Tekken series are always a great laugh and classic console games, you can get so sucked in your brain becomes one with their world.

6. Listen to music. Hardcore, trance, and R&B are my recommendations and preferences. R&B and Hip-Hop is great to listen to, especially since every other song has the word “weed” or “blunt” in it, while hardcore and trance take on a whole new level if you’re stoned. Some fast hardcore is great when you’re stoned, especially with energetic Sativa marijuana strains. Trance music is also good stoned, songs with the nice euphoria parts, with happy female vocals and a nice soft beat, can really chill you out, and work perfectly with the effect of the spliff, to send you soaring even higher. Only problem is there is a lot of shit to sort through to get to the good stuff. Dunno, just a few things I like, but music of all types seems to be a lot more deep and meaningful after a good few tokes, some hidden level that only appears when you’re stoned.

7. Tell jokes, even stupid ones will have you pissing yourself if you’re off your nut. See if you can dig up a few good ones though, they’ll be twice as good a laugh.

8. And you’ll usually end up talking some absolute shit if you’re completely fucked anyway, which tends to be a good laugh.

9. Watch some funny or mind-fucking Flash cartoons. Loads of these flash cartoon creators seem to be tokers too, so they know just how to mess your head up when you’ve been blazing up.

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The Effects of Using Marijuana / Cannabis

The effects resulting from the use of marijuana and hash vary in scope and nature according to the type, quantity and quality of the marijuana smoked, but share some general effects.There are some positive effects of using marijuana / cannabis.

Effects of Using Marijuana / Cannabis

Positive Effects of Marijuana Use :

Recreationally and psychologically:

A lift of mood and state of mind, the user will find him/her self feeling better about themselves, and the world and people around them.

Relaxation and reduction of stress.

Under the influence of marijuana, one can also experience new patterns of thought that are difficult while in a normal state. Thinking becomes more lateral, allowing you to think about things more openly and philosophically, as you question stuff you would normally not think twice about while sober. You can dwell on life’s many aspects, and you will find yourself thinking about everything from how badly you used to take the piss out your English teacher to wondering how Earth must seem to aliens (well in my case anyway).

Marijuana tends to make you far more creative than usual, in fact I owe most of the illustrations in this site to the power of the weed, I usually stop at a blank or make some useless crap when I’m not fucked. Marijuana can give you some fantastic ideas off the top of your head, the only problem being you are unlikely to remember anything soon after if you’re that stoned.

Cannabis / Marijuana use can also inspire you immensely, allowing you to visualize what you want to achieve clearly yet imaginatively, and being able to think about it in detail, and it can encourage you in the most difficult of tasks, as you think extensively about the benefits of completing an important achievement.

Everything is a lot funnier when you’re stoned

Everything is a lot funnier when you’re stoned, and even the stupidest bullshit can give you a great laugh under the influence of marijuana. I’ve had some great nights having a few mates round, toking away on spliffs, pipes and bongs, then talking absolute shit to each other and messing around. With some good weed you can spend half the night with the giggles, laughing at just about anything, as you and your mates constantly come up with new views on life, and some weird “What if?”s that you’ll think about for hours.

Another great effect of marijuana? Food tastes so much better when you’re stoned, and when you eat something you will appreciate minor ingredients and subtle flavours easily. As well as this, tokers get “the munchies”, an intense craving for something to eat, especially junk food and sweet stuff experienced stoners know well as good munchies: chocolate bars, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, Coke… but with the really good strains of weed you can find yourself eating just about anything, (the munchies are almost overpowering) and it will probably taste fit for a king.

Appreciation of music increases while a user is high, with an alternative / deeper understanding of certain lyrics and sounds.

Marijuana heightens the senses, making you more aware and appreciative of touch, sound, etc.


Marijuana has been known to aid in many illnesses, including brachial plexus injury, HIV-related neuropathy and nausea, mostly in the form of pain relief. Since weed also stimulates the appetite noticeably, it can be applied medically to people suffering from AIDS wasting syndrome, HIV or dementia.So those are the positive effects of using marijuana / cannabis . visit home

Can you get addicted to marijuana?

People don’t think you can get addicted to marijuana. If this were true, then please explain to me why there are thousands of marijuana centers globally? It’s very common to see marijuana users wanting to quit, you may know some or if you are here then chances are you must be trying to quit as well, this proves that addiction is very real. The only problem with the debate whether or not weed is addictive is the fact that many marijuana users simply just don’t become addicts. Even though that is true, there is still a small number of users who become addicted that go overlooked, it’s a shame; I know.

addicted to marijuana

I want to break it down (no pun intended) and see why cannabis can cause dependency, to figure out a solution to identify how to create a plan for chronic smokers to permanently quit or control their habits so it does not affect their lives. I truly believe that for every problem we face there is a solution, you have to be optimistic and if you think negatively then the solution here would be to re-calibrate your mindset, I could talk about how important your mindset is in any situation all day long, but for the sake of this article let me stick to the topic. I used to be a marijuana user, and I know within the ganja community we get a long so well because when you are a chronic smoker you live a very similar life to the next chronic smoker. That said, I and many other chronic smokers have successfully quit, so if we could do it then you can do it without a doubt. I only suspect the difference between why we were able to quit successfully and the ones who just cannot give up pot is a few minor things in our lifestyles that over time changed our pot-headed mentalities.

How do we become dependent on Marijuana?

Marijuana addiction is being addicted to the mental and physical effects that cannabis gives to the user. A user will feel a euphoric sensation due to the THC that effects the central nervous system (CNS), which mimics substances that your body naturally produces, called the endocannabinoids which activate cannabinoid receptors. THC is the main chemical aka delta-9 Tetra-hydro-cannabinol. It’s very uncommon and said impossible to be “physically addicted” to weed, though the main reason one becomes addicted is because they crave the high sensation which is all a mental addiction

Weed is more known as a common drug that most everyone uses, unlike harder drugs which are highly (no pun) frowned upon. The general public defends the notion that weed is harmless and very common. The popularity of weed has grown drastically due to the media during the twenty & twenty-first centuries.

A majority of all the music we listen to within the last fifty years has talked about or mentioned pot. In more recent years and even in the “Cheech and Chong” decade there has been praise towards the stoner lifestyle. It’s true the media has a huge influence in introducing marijuana to the masses and due to this we can see the number of pot addicts growing each year. Let’s be honest pot addiction is becoming a problem, and the masses still believe that weed addiction does not exist even though there are growing numbers of rehab centers for marijuana.