Can you get addicted to marijuana?

People don’t think you can get addicted to marijuana. If this were true, then please explain to me why there are thousands of marijuana centers globally? It’s very common to see marijuana users wanting to quit, you may know some or if you are here then chances are you must be trying to quit as well, this proves that addiction is very real. The only problem with the debate whether or not weed is addictive is the fact that many marijuana users simply just don’t become addicts. Even though that is true, there is still a small number of users who become addicted that go overlooked, it’s a shame; I know.

addicted to marijuana

I want to break it down (no pun intended) and see why cannabis can cause dependency, to figure out a solution to identify how to create a plan for chronic smokers to permanently quit or control their habits so it does not affect their lives. I truly believe that for every problem we face there is a solution, you have to be optimistic and if you think negatively then the solution here would be to re-calibrate your mindset, I could talk about how important your mindset is in any situation all day long, but for the sake of this article let me stick to the topic. I used to be a marijuana user, and I know within the ganja community we get a long so well because when you are a chronic smoker you live a very similar life to the next chronic smoker. That said, I and many other chronic smokers have successfully quit, so if we could do it then you can do it without a doubt. I only suspect the difference between why we were able to quit successfully and the ones who just cannot give up pot is a few minor things in our lifestyles that over time changed our pot-headed mentalities.

How do we become dependent on Marijuana?

Marijuana addiction is being addicted to the mental and physical effects that cannabis gives to the user. A user will feel a euphoric sensation due to the THC that effects the central nervous system (CNS), which mimics substances that your body naturally produces, called the endocannabinoids which activate cannabinoid receptors. THC is the main chemical aka delta-9 Tetra-hydro-cannabinol. It’s very uncommon and said impossible to be “physically addicted” to weed, though the main reason one becomes addicted is because they crave the high sensation which is all a mental addiction

Weed is more known as a common drug that most everyone uses, unlike harder drugs which are highly (no pun) frowned upon. The general public defends the notion that weed is harmless and very common. The popularity of weed has grown drastically due to the media during the twenty & twenty-first centuries.

A majority of all the music we listen to within the last fifty years has talked about or mentioned pot. In more recent years and even in the “Cheech and Chong” decade there has been praise towards the stoner lifestyle. It’s true the media has a huge influence in introducing marijuana to the masses and due to this we can see the number of pot addicts growing each year. Let’s be honest pot addiction is becoming a problem, and the masses still believe that weed addiction does not exist even though there are growing numbers of rehab centers for marijuana.

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