The Effects of Using Marijuana / Cannabis

The effects resulting from the use of marijuana and hash vary in scope and nature according to the type, quantity and quality of the marijuana smoked, but share some general effects.There are some positive effects of using marijuana / cannabis.

Effects of Using Marijuana / Cannabis

Positive Effects of Marijuana Use :

Recreationally and psychologically:

A lift of mood and state of mind, the user will find him/her self feeling better about themselves, and the world and people around them.

Relaxation and reduction of stress.

Under the influence of marijuana, one can also experience new patterns of thought that are difficult while in a normal state. Thinking becomes more lateral, allowing you to think about things more openly and philosophically, as you question stuff you would normally not think twice about while sober. You can dwell on life’s many aspects, and you will find yourself thinking about everything from how badly you used to take the piss out your English teacher to wondering how Earth must seem to aliens (well in my case anyway).

Marijuana tends to make you far more creative than usual, in fact I owe most of the illustrations in this site to the power of the weed, I usually stop at a blank or make some useless crap when I’m not fucked. Marijuana can give you some fantastic ideas off the top of your head, the only problem being you are unlikely to remember anything soon after if you’re that stoned.

Cannabis / Marijuana use can also inspire you immensely, allowing you to visualize what you want to achieve clearly yet imaginatively, and being able to think about it in detail, and it can encourage you in the most difficult of tasks, as you think extensively about the benefits of completing an important achievement.

Everything is a lot funnier when you’re stoned

Everything is a lot funnier when you’re stoned, and even the stupidest bullshit can give you a great laugh under the influence of marijuana. I’ve had some great nights having a few mates round, toking away on spliffs, pipes and bongs, then talking absolute shit to each other and messing around. With some good weed you can spend half the night with the giggles, laughing at just about anything, as you and your mates constantly come up with new views on life, and some weird “What if?”s that you’ll think about for hours.

Another great effect of marijuana? Food tastes so much better when you’re stoned, and when you eat something you will appreciate minor ingredients and subtle flavours easily. As well as this, tokers get “the munchies”, an intense craving for something to eat, especially junk food and sweet stuff experienced stoners know well as good munchies: chocolate bars, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, Cokeā€¦ but with the really good strains of weed you can find yourself eating just about anything, (the munchies are almost overpowering) and it will probably taste fit for a king.

Appreciation of music increases while a user is high, with an alternative / deeper understanding of certain lyrics and sounds.

Marijuana heightens the senses, making you more aware and appreciative of touch, sound, etc.


Marijuana has been known to aid in many illnesses, including brachial plexus injury, HIV-related neuropathy and nausea, mostly in the form of pain relief. Since weed also stimulates the appetite noticeably, it can be applied medically to people suffering from AIDS wasting syndrome, HIV or dementia.So those are the positive effects of using marijuana / cannabis . visit home

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